Sunday, 22 April 2012

Clearing up the Debris

For the last few weeks I've been clearing up after the contractors who thinned the larch.  When they had finished we were left with about 6 acres of this:

and this:

etc etc!

I must have cleared about 2 acres so far - its hard work using these:

To achieve this:

The contractors left quite a bit of larch lying around which will come in handy, once I've sawn it into planks or used them for posts:

While they were working they "pointed" lots of the fencing posts that they'd cut and I'm left with piles of the offcuts:

This is just a small pile, in all I must have hundreds or even thousands of these wedge shaped bits of larch.

While I was there today I walked over to look at the stream which is flowing a bit quicker than usual because of the recent rain:

The felling has revealed some old field boundaries in the woods which we knew were there but previously were not as obvious:

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