Monday, 4 June 2012

Trees and Ruts

A sunny day today, so I did some more clearing in the Larch Plantation - must be about half way through the job by now.

I counted the rings on a couple of the larch stumps and they are about 35 years old, give or take a ring or two!  So they would have been planted in the second half of the 1970's

They are about a dozen or so oaks in the woods - here are three of them.

And here's the centrepiece of the woods - a huge, dead, chestnut tree:

These sweet chestnut were coppiced four years ago and are now growing well

And finally, this is what it looks like when a six wheel drive forwarder has been through the woods!


  1. Great photos Dad!
    I especially like the ones of the Oak trees!

    1. Thanks Tom, I've got more photos on the computer that I didn't publish on the blog.

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