Thursday, 7 June 2012

UXBs and Bugs

A couple of visitors to the woods found this buried metal object and wondered if it was an unexploded WW2 bomb.  I hoped it wasn't but decided to dig it up and see!!!

This is its scale compared to my glove.

I  started to clear around it and it got bigger.

Bit of a disappointment - it was a wheel!
Jemma came down to the woods with me today and took some photos of some small wildlife:

This is a caterpillar that looks like a twig on an oak tree trunk

Here, you can just see his face.

A millipede

And another, or is it a centipede?

And another centi/milli pede.

A colourful slug on some rotting birch bark

This I think is called a harvestman.

It got very wet at lunchtime so I called it a day and came home!


  1. i was hoping it was gonna be a bomb. looks like a 2cv wheel maybe?

  2. i was hoping it was gonna be a bomb too!
    what camera did jemma use for her caterpillar pictures? has she and toby got their dslr yet?

  3. Toby, the 2cv was an economy vehicle and only had three wheel nuts, so it isn't from one of those!!
    James, we used my camera which you got me for my birthday, the Canon one. I don't think they have a dslr yet, Jemma usually uses her phone. Her new phone, an HTC, takes excellent photos.