Sunday, 15 December 2013


No pictures today.

At the end of last week some local pikeys decided to have a go at my neighbour's and my stuff in the woods.

They tried unsuccessfully to break into my neighbour's shed using a fence post to try and force the door. Then they moved into my woods and tried to steal my generator, I think it was too heavy for their weak arms to lift!  They managed to disable my atv in an attempt to steal it, by tearing out the ignition wires.  Then they stole some old chainsaws that I'd left in the wood store using my wheelbarrow to get them up to the road.  The chainsaws were crappy anyway so no loss!

The wildlife camera got some pictures of them so it will be interesting to see if the police have any luck tracing them - if they can be bothered to try.

ps Look out for Vauxhall Vectras lurking around your woodland.

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