Saturday, 12 April 2014

Clearing the Storm Damage

Since the October storms, I haven't had much chance to clear up as I've been coppicing the chestnut.
Around 100 larch trees were blown down.  Now its time to start.

I posted some pictures of the damage in my post last October.  
Here are some more.

That's just a few of them!

I cut them up into either 3' lengths for logs, 8' lengths for posts or 10' lengths for milling depending on the diameter.

And I burnt the branches.

One of the trees had fallen across one of my charcoal drums and had to be gently removed:

The ladder you can just see near the drums is my guide for the Alaskan Mill.  
I've made a start on milling some of the larger logs.

Later on I'd made a bit of a clearance:

Still got another few dozen trees to deal with!!!!

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