Saturday, 14 March 2015

A Day in the Woods

I haven't posted any updates recently but I have been down in the woods quite a lot.  I have continued with the coppicing but today I went down and did a few odd jobs.

First job was to cut some logs to take home.

These logs were cut down three years ago and then split and stored under cover for over a year.

When these split logs have been used up then I will start using the new firewood processor for all our log requirements.  
For these however, I will use the Buckingham Woodstation that has served me well for a few years.

Just fill with logs, then start up my favorite chainsaw - the Makita DCS 7901.

A couple of passes with the saw and they're all cut up.

Just under half an hour and the Land Rover is full up.

Then it was off to do some other jobs.

Firstly, I wanted to clear up some of the brash left over from last weeks coppicing so a bonfire was called for.  
This is just the start, I continued all day between other jobs.

Last weekend I milled up some of the chestnut into planks which were stacked up to dry under cover.  Today I coated the ends of the planks with PVA to stop them drying out too quickly and splitting.  
However it looks as though I might be a bit too late with some of them as small splits are already appearing.

Then it was time to transport some chestnut logs from the coppice area to the milling area.

Time to get out the logging arch.

Then hook up the log to the chain.

Hook up to the ATV, ready to go.

Then off to the milling area.

Where it was dropped off the arch and added to the stock of logs.

There are some chestnut logs and some larch ready to mill up.

Thats all the photos I took today.  I did some more clearing up, burning and transporting logs, both for milling and for firewood.

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