Monday, 12 March 2012

Alaskan Mill

I have a project at home to build a new compost bin so it was out with the Alaskan Mill.  This is attached to my Makita 7901 chainsaw.

I set up the log to be milled, a fairly small one in this instance. It is laid across a couple of saw horses and a plank screwed to the top in order to make the first, level cut.

The Mill is run along the plank and the first, top piece removed.

Then, having adjusted the depth of the cut, I saw off the planks.

Then before long we have four planks.

And three hours later, 24 planks and a dozen posts loaded onto the Land Rover

And a well deserved cuppa!!

While I was there I saw a blue tit investigating one of the bird boxes we had built and put up.  So I set up the Wildlife camera to try and capture some shots of the new resident.

I'll do a post on another day about the Wildlife camera.



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