Saturday, 10 March 2012

Clearing Up after the Harvesting

After the larch had been thinned, there was lots of clearing up to do.  There is a lot of usable timber that has been cut down but I can't get to it for all the brash and branches left behind by  the harvesting machine. So, slowly we are clearing away the larger pieces of material that are blocking our way.  Lots of bonfires as well. It will probably take another year to completely clear up the mess and be able to access all the timber.  In the summer, when the tracks have dried out more, we will start moving the timber under cover to season for selling in a couple of year's time.  The wood I sell is chestnut, hornbeam and birch.  Most of the larch has been taken away by the contractors and what's left I will use for fencing etc.

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