Friday, 9 March 2012

A Bit about the Woods

About half is chestnut coppice with oak standards and the other half is larch which was planted about 40 years ago over the coppice!  The entire woodland is classified as Ancient Woodland and prior to the chestnut coppice would have been predominantly hornbeam.  There is still a fair amount of hornbeam around.  Both the chestnut and the larch, in common with other woodlands locally, have been unmanaged for many years.

We have started coppicing the chestnut and have also had about 30% of the larch thinned.  A lot of the larch went for fencing and the rest, which was bent or odd sized, went for chip.  The larch was felled and forwarded by machine which was fun to watch but made a bit of a mess of the tracks!

We use a lot of the wood for our woodburner at home which also provides hot water and central heating so its quite hungry.  I also sell loads to friends and acquaintances.

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