Monday, 17 December 2012

A Day in the Woods Felling the Coppice

I spent the day in the woods today felling the 30 year old Sweet Chestnut.

First job each visit is to cut a load of logs and fill up the Land Rover.
Today's load is for my friend Peter.

I use the Buckingham Woodstation to cut the logs.

Then load them into the truck.

A good full load!

Then covered with a tarp to stop them falling out.

I save the sawdust to take home for the poultry.



Following on from the last post, here are the hand tools I use.
1. Log Tongs - Saves bending down to pick up logs.
2/ Felling Lever -   Handy when a tree gets hung up or needs encouragement 
to fall in the right direction.
3. Felling Wedges and hammer - For more accurate felling if the tree doesn't 
look as though its going to fall where you want it to.
4. Billhook - For snedding, picking up brash, trimming logs.

These are some stacks we cut last week.

These are today's job - not all of them though!

And this is part of what I felled.

Leaving a neat stool.

This is some coppice that was cut five years ago.

I ended the day burning the brash.


  1. Looks good dad, i like these posts with the tools you use. Interesting read. We'll have to go down the woods over Christmas.

  2. I'm counting on you moving all those logs and stacking them up!!