Sunday, 16 December 2012

Coppicing - The Tools

The last few weeks I have been getting started on coppicing the Sweet Chestnut.
I say "coppicing" but as the majority of the trees are around 34 years old, its actually a case of "felling"!

The woodland hasn't been managed for many years so we are progressively felling the large stools of chestnut so that they can return to a correct coppicing cycle.  The first area was cut five years ago and is now growing well.  Two and three years ago we did some more but last year we were fully occupied in thinning the larch plantation.

I'll post some pictures of the work in the near future but in the meantime here are some details of the chainsaws that I use.  In another post, I will describe the hand tools that I use.

The Stihl MS 211E is my regular saw. Its got a 15" blade and a 35cc engine.  
Its lightweight which is useful if you are handling it all day and its economic too!
It will deal with anything I ask it to do and easily fells and logs the 34 year old Chestnuts.

The Makita DCS7901 is a beast of a saw.  80cc with an 18" blade.
It has a de-compressor which aids starting and will deal with anything.
Its a bit heavy to use all day, but with its optional 24" blade and ripping chain I use it with my Alaskan Mill for milling up larch and chestnut into planks.

The Partner 400, 40cc with 15" blade was built, I think in 1984.  
Its a good saw and I tend to use it as a spare.

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