Saturday, 15 December 2012

The Finished Larch Retaining Wall

At last its done but the ground was pretty wet. 
We felt like we were working in a quagmire!

This is where we had to put the wall.  
Jim had laid concrete slabs so we had to trim off the bottoms of the 
lower row of logs so they fit neatly on top of the slabs.

We used a straight piece of previously milled larch as a guide 
to trim the bottom of the log.

Then we located the logs and drilled a hole through each end 
with a wood bit to locate the road pins.

We marked the position of the hole on the slab, moved the logs 
to one side and used the SDS drill to drill a hole in the slab.

Then we knocked the road pins through the logs and the slab into the ground. 
One at each end of each pair of logs, eight pins in all.

We ground off the tops of the pins and backfilled behind the logs.

Job done and a very messy lawn, should be OK again by the Spring.
I hope!

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  1. Very good Nick. It hasn't fallen down yet!! It will be good when it has all dried out and the grass has re-established and there are a few flowers in the bed. Jim