Thursday, 21 March 2013

Coppicing and More Shelter Repairs

We've finished coppicing this area of the woodland and here are some photos of the results.  
Lots of wood for the logburner in a couple of years time when its seasoned.

Here's a few more pictures of the results - lots of logs.

And here's a couple of photos of the neat stumps left.  Counting the rings, these are around 35 years old.
There's been quite a lack of management in the past!

On to Repairing Shelters.

I'd been using an "Event Shelter" to keep some of the logs dry.  It lasted a couple of years but the last lot of snow and the wind finally destroyed it!

So I removed the whole lot and started again.  I'd been given a large ex-army tarp that would be enough to cover half of the rebuilt shelter, so I started rebuilding the structure.

This was going to be a more conventional shape.

This is the front half ready for the tarp.

It was heavy and very awkward to get on - I was working alone which didn't help!

Nearly there.

At last its on.  I temporarily secured it with ropes and nails because it was getting late.
Next time, I will finish off the back of the shelter and secure the tarp properly.


  1. Looks really good Dad. That's a lot of wood! Shelter looks very nice. Much nicer than that event shelter thing.

  2. Thanks James,
    We're getting there! The tarp was from Woodland Jim's old 'bender' next door. The new owner, Tim, dismantled it all and I asked him for the tarps if he didn't need them. He gave them to me this week.