Friday, 29 March 2013

Shelter Finished - At Last

Finished at last, the replacement log shelter.


First in were the back supports; longer than the front as its on a slope.


I pulled back the previously installed tarpaulin and then on with the roof joists which involved a lot of balancing on a step ladder!


After trimming off the wood I started to drag the new tarp into position.

Then the whole lot was nailed in place and secured with ropes.  The old tarpaulin was pulled back into position and roped over the new one to help it stop flapping in the wind.

So, that's it, finished.

The Next Job

This is the roof of another shelter which has suffered from the snow and wind - it wasn't very well constructed in the first place either!

So this lot's coming down and will be replaced in a more substantial and long lasting manner.

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